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This is an in-depth 6 week course that will utilize podcasts, eBooks, and articles to help you learn and apply the important fundamentals behind commercial real estate investing... the same fundamentals that institutions use everyday.
Week 1
With Risk
Learn common terminology, real estate basics, risk-adjusted returns, the cycle of commercial real estate, risk profiles of deals and the capital stack.
Week 2
Evaluating Real
Estate Sponsors
Learn what to look for in a real estate sponsor, the advantage a sponsor can bring and what questions to ask.
Week 3
Evaluating Real
Estate Deals
Learn what to look for in a real estate deal, where to find additional information and what questions to ask.
Week 4
Understanding The
Legal Documents
Learn about the Private Placement Memorandum, Operating Agreements, Subscription Agreements, what are common red-flags and how to quickly find information.
Week 5
Tax Implications
And Benefits
Learn the what the new tax bill means means for commercial real estate, how to take advantage of tax benefits, and self-directed IRA investing.
Week 6
The Real Estate
Learn what is currently happening in the real estate market on both a macro and micro level, and how coming capital events might impact real estate in the coming years.