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Taking the mystery out of real estate Investing

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Aug 10
11:00 am

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Webinar Highlights

Crowdfunding Platforms Explained

Crowdfunding Platforms Explained

Don’t get caught paying extra fees to platforms.

Analyzing A Real Estate Market

Analyzing A Real Estate Market

Learn how the 1-3-5 Model can help you analyze a market.

Asset Profile

Asset Profile

Learn about the 4 asset profiles in real estate.

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Real Estate Crowdfunding Should Not Be a Mystery

Are you paying hidden fees?
Do you know who you are really investing with?
What are the building blocks of a real estate market?
What's the difference between private real estate and a REIT?
How do you quickly determine the asset profile profile?
Is your crowdfunding platform taking a piece of your return?

Webinar Speakers

Adam Hooper
Adam Hooper
CEO, Realcrowd
Tyler stewart
Tyler stewart
VP, Investor relations RealCrowd
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“I was so excited to finally find a marketplace for commercial real estate that allows me to diversify my portfolio into an area normally out of reach for the average investor like myself.”
Rob W.
Branch Manager,
benchmark mortgage
“I again want to reach out and thank you for your platform. The fact that I can read all the PPMs and listen to excellent podcasts has been fantastic for educating me in this space. Thank you for the time you spend reaching out to the investors.”
Kevin D.
broker, synergy
commercial advisors
”RealCrowd enables the investor to invest directly with the sponsor instead of the platform being the middleman and by doing so increase efficiency and ultimately returns.”
Rafi Z.
engineering manager,us dept of defense
“RealCrowd allows me to participate in higher cash flow investments and diversify my portfolio with a few clicks of a button. They’ve made investing in real estate fun.”
mattel, inc.