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Introducing Trinity Investors - Meet the Team

Watch this informational webinar introducing the Trinity Investors leadership team, reviewing what this transition means for RealCrowd investors and a preview of the types of investment opportunities Trinity Investors finds exciting in 2023!

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Webinar Highlights

Who Is Trinity Investors?

Meet the Trinity Investors team and learn about the firm’s mission, vision and values

How does this benefit me?

Learn how this transition will provide access to even broader investment opportunities for your portfolio!

How do I become a Trinity Investor?

Follow along as we discuss how to join the 3,000 strong family of investors at Trinity and be sure to tune in for next steps!

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What You Will Learn On This Webinar

Who is Trinity Investors?
How do I become a Trinity Investor?
How does this benefit me?
What happens to my prior investments?
What does Trinity invest in?
What is Trinity’s track record?

Webinar Speakers

Dan Meader
Founder, Managing Partner
Sanjay Chandra
FOUNDER, Managing Partner
Jay Fuquay
Executive Vice President
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About Trinity Investors

Trinity Investors Hunts Alpha

Trinity Investors’ vision is to Hunt Alpha for their investors. This means sourcing and structuring private equity investments across the real estate and traditional operating company asset classes.

Exceptional Operating Experience

Trinity’s current portfolio includes over 140 real estate holdings and 16 operating companies with a combined market value in excess of $6 billion. The Trinity founders and team have co-invested over $200M of their own capital side by side with their investors’ capital.

Proven History of Returns

Since inception, Trinity has returned over $1.25 billion of cash to its more than 3,000 investors, representing an average Net IRR of 23.8%* and an average equity multiple of over 1.8X in their real estate portfolio.

$1.25 Billion+
Aggregate Investor Distributions
Average Net IRR
Aggregate Trinity Employee Co-Investment