Frequently Asked Questions

RealCrowd is joining Trinity Investors! Please read the FAQ below to answer a few questions you might have. We hosted a joint webinar with Trinity Investors on April 20th that covered the news in more detail and provide you the opportunity to ask more questions. Be sure to watch the webinar to learn more!

We will be updating this FAQ periodically. If you have any questions, please send an email to and we’ll add it to the list!

What is happening to RealCrowd?

RealCrowd is joining the Trinity Investors family as part of a strategic acquisition! Trinity Investors is a Dallas-based asset manager with over $6 billion of asset value across their portfolio of private real estate holdings and operating companies. Trinity intends to build upon the network and model that RealCrowd has pioneered in the online real estate investing space and will be announcing its growth plans soon!

What happens to my historical investments?

Your historical investments that have been made through the RealCrowd Marketplace will remain unchanged; one of the benefits of the direct investment model we’ve always followed at RealCrowd. As a Marketplace, RealCrowd was not involved in the structuring or execution of your investments, which were made directly between you and the underlying real estate sponsors. Given the direct investment nature of your holdings, your investments will remain just as they have been and your main points of contact will remain with the underlying investment sponsors found on the original offering pages and your investment documents.

Who is Trinity Investors?

Trinity is a Dallas-based asset manager and private equity investor who has been in operation for over 20 years. From our first conversation, we had a hunch they were going to play an important role in the future of RealCrowd. Trinity’s motto is Hunting Alpha, something they’ve done for over 3,000 of their investors and have delivered an average Net IRR* in excess of 24% with an Equity Multiple of over 1.9X in their real estate portfolio since they started in 1999. They’ve returned over $1.25B to their investors and have co-invested over $200M of their own capital in those very same deals.

The Trinity Investors team has grown to over 50 professionals who share the Trinity ethos of partnership, trust, alignment with investors, and complete transparency. Be sure to sign up for the webinar below to hear more from their founding team and key principals directly.

Please be sure to watch the webinar to learn more about Trinity Investors directly from their founders and key executives.

Where are my investment documents?

A vast majority of sponsors that have utilized the RealCrowd Marketplace have implemented their own investor management portals for delivery of ongoing communications and documents. We recommend working with the sponsor directly to ensure you have appropriate access.

For the documents that were made available in your RealCrowd Portfolio, those will continue to be available for the time being. We recommend downloading any important documents from your portfolio when you are able. We are currently implementing an export tool that will assist in a bulk download of your underlying investment documents and will be sending out communications to active RealCrowd investors on the status of that tool.

How can I access my portfolio information?

Your RealCrowd Portfolio will continue to be available through this transition process, however, most sponsors have already moved over to their own investor portals and we recommend reaching out directly to the sponsor(s) to ensure you have the most current access to your investment portfolio information.

Who do I contact for investment related help?

As RealCrowd has always followed a direct investment model, your investment activities have been made directly with the sponsor. All investment related inquiries should be directed to the underlying real estate sponsor of the investment as they are the ones in control of your investments.

Who do I talk to about Trinity Investors?

We recommend you watch the webinar to hear directly from the Trinity Investors team to learn more! After the webinar you'll be given the opportunity to talk with representatives from the Trinity Investors team and we will continue to roll out updated information throughout the transition process.

Where/when will I get my K-1's?

Investment K-1's are delivered by the sponsors of the investments you have directly invested with, generally directly to you via email or through their investor management portal. We recommend you inquire directly with the real estate sponsor to request communications and documents including K-1's and ensure they have your most up to date contact information.

When will I see new investments?

Excellent question! We recommend watching for the webinar to learn more about the future plans and investment opportunities with Trinity Investors. At the conclusion of the webinar, we will be sending you a survey questionnaire to understand your desire and timing to review new investment opportunities going forward!

What are the new investment minimums?

While this will likely vary depending on the particular investment, generally the investment minimums for Trinity Investors are very similar to the investment minimums you have seen on the RealCrowd Marketplace. We recommend that you watch the webinar to learn more about the Trinity Investors platform and the types of investment opportunities you can expect to see going forward.

How do I register with Trinity Investors?

Upon completion of the webinar, you will receive an invite to complete a short onboarding questionnaire that will begin your onboarding and registration process with Trinity Investors. Please watch the webinar to learn more!