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$318MM 40+ assets
$461MM 50+ assets
Portfolio LTV
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As Principals
25+ years  
In Business
11 years  
12 Staff * Dedicated investor relations
* All information is reported by Pathfinder Partners, LLC as of 6/12/2017.
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About this Sponsor

Pathfinder Partners, LLC, founded in 2006, is the sponsor of the Pathfinder family of opportunity funds. Pathfinder is a value investor applying an opportunistic and value-add approach to real estate investments which it can transform through additional capital infusions, institutional level management and property re-positioning.

Pathfinder manages opportunity funds which own and invest in diversified portfolios of real estate assets as well as two funds targeting “for rent” and “for sale” residential properties. Pathfinder has acquired defaulted loans, bank real estate-owned (“REO”) and value-add properties with estimated invested capital exceeding $725,000,000.

Pathfinder focuses primarily on residential properties (both “for sale” and “for lease” as well as selected entitled residential land opportunities) and secondarily on commercial properties.

Pathfinder seeks out special situations, including acquiring senior mortgages secured by real estate assets, acquiring properties from financial institutions or acquiring real estate from families and other long-term owners. Pathfinder’s primary target markets are in major metro areas in the western U.S., including California, Arizona, Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Texas.

Pathfinder’s principals have been investing and advising on real estate and corporate finance transactions since the mid-1980s. Pathfinder operates in a straightforward and transparent manner and seeks long-term relationships with others who share our core values.

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Key Team Members

Brent Rivard
Primary Contact

Brent Rivard

Managing Director

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Pathfinder Partners Oppty. Fund V-A, L.P.

By Pathfinder Partners, LLC

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Pathfinder Partners Oppty. Fund V-A, L.P.
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