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$800MM 20+ assets
$184MM 50+ assets
Portfolio LTV
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Total IRR
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Annual Cash
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As Principals
15+ years  
In Business
17 years  
45 Staff * Dedicated investor relations
* All information is reported by Northstar Commercial Partners as of 8/25/2017.
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About this Sponsor

Northstar Commercial Partners ("Northstar") is a commercial real estate investment company based in Denver, Colorado. Since its formation in 2000, Northstar acquires and operates real estate opportunities throughout the United States.

The Founder and CEO of Northstar Commercial Partners, Brian Watson, invests his personal capital in every acquisition of the company. Such personal commitment in the investment process helps align the interests of the company with the long-term profit objectives of its outside capital partners.

Northstar's investments offer compelling opportunities to new and experienced commercial real estate investors, just as the North Star has provided guidance to those seeking fortune throughout the centuries.

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Key Team Members

Danny Mulcahy
Primary Contact

Danny Mulcahy

Director of Equity
Brian Watson

Brian Watson

Founder and CEO


  • We’re near the point where this overhyped, overpriced real-estate market flames out

    7/25/2017 · Market Watch

    The ninth inning of a baseball game is often the point when all of the game’s story lines come to a head. Pitchers gun for strikeouts, batters swing for the fences and teams look to put a few more runs up on the board in the final moments. In the commercial real-estate business, we have a ninth inning as well. But ours is exciting for a different reason: Instead of the last moments of a well-played game, the ninth inning in real estate is defined by a last-minute flurry of activity before an overhyped, overpriced market finally flames out and falls back down to Earth.

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  • Amazon's Whole Foods Deal Will Remake Strip Malls

    6/27/2017 · Entrepreneur

    The implications of Amazon’s $13.7-billion Whole Foods Market purchase will go significantly beyond the world of grocery stores, potentially reshaping retail districts in downtowns and suburban shopping areas across America. Not long ago, the typical American strip mall had a video store, music store and a supermarket. However, Napster and iTunes slayed the neighborhood music store, Blockbuster’s 9,000 video stores were killed by Netflix, and now the local grocery store will get a makeover. It’s a change that will reimagine how we shop and create commercial real estate investment opportunities.

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  • Northstar makes an impact on society, too

    7/10/2017 · Pensions & Investments

    Northstar Commercial Partners has interests that extend beyond environmental concerns, to investments that will have a positive social impact. The Denver-based firm has purchased vacant or blighted properties and redeveloped them to create jobs, both in the construction and at the companies that rent the space, said Brian Watson, chairman and CEO.

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  • Northstar Commercial Partners Completes 74-Unit Balfour Community in Denver

    8/18/2017 · Seniors Housing Business

    Northstar Commercial Partners has completed Balfour at Stapleton, a 74-unit assisted living and memory care community in Denver’s Stapleton neighborhood. A grand opening will be held in September for the 63,000-square-foot community. Northstar partnered with Balfour Senior Care, a Colorado-based operator, for the project.

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Mountain Vista Commerce Center

By Northstar Commercial Partners

Experienced Sponsor
Mountain Vista Commerce Center
Phoenix, AZ
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Fully Funded · $5,448,543

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