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$71.65MM No assets reported
$33MM No asset count reported
Portfolio LTV
Realized Returns

Total IRR
Equity Multiple
Annual Cash
Years Of

As Principals
30+ years  
In Business
16 years  
35 Staff * Dedicated investor relations
* All information is reported by James Management Group as of 5/8/2017.
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James Management Group has three main goals that keep us at the top of our game at all times.... We put our tenants first as they are the lifeblood of our whole investment plan. Our tenants must also know they are important to us, and that we want them living at our property. Second, we take care of our employees as they are the ones that ultimately create the profit! At JMG we know that long term, knowledgeable, loyal employees create much more profit than newly trained employees! Third, we always start with a good asset that fits our niche, and will not take away from the balance of our portfolio, as one bad property can consume so much valuable time. The above plan helps us give our investors a more stable, consistent return on their investment.

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Key Team Members

Michael James
Primary Contact

Michael James


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