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So what is realcrowd?

RealCrowd is an online platform that connects you, a highly qualified real estate sponsor, with accredited investors. We are an extension of your current equity raising practices, allowing you to leverage our investor network and platform to harness a new pool of capital to which you have never had access.


Marketplace Investing

Out with the Old, In with the New

First, let’s talk about Regulation D, Rule 506(b) private placements - the old tried and true method of raising capital. This is probably how you’ve raised capital for decades. This has allowed sponsors to sell their investments to any investor as long as they are accredited OR they meet certain sophistication standards. But there’s a catch. Investors can only be sourced from your existing network and you can’t solicit to any potential purchasers beyond that. If you somehow obtain a new investor, you have to “establish a relationship” with them, typically this means a 30 day “cooling off” period before you can offer them an investment opportunity. For most time-sensitive deals, this simply isn’t feasible. 

the new era - Rule 506(c). This was a piece of legislation included in the JOBS Act that means you can now market your investments to anyone and everyone that will listen. In order to invest, they must still be considered accredited investors, but 506(c) allows you to tap into a completely new stream of capital that was previously inaccessible. This is marketplace investing, your new way to tap into the capital markets.

Realcrowd is the leading marketplace platform for 506(c) capital raises with over $2.6 billion in transactions having gone through realcrowd.



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Here's what some of our sponsors have said about using realcrowd

RealCrowd’s strong accreditation process and reasonably-high investment minimums ensures the quality of its investor base. My network grows, my deals get funded, and my investors and transactions are managed more efficiently and with less overhead.

Atlas Real Estate Partners
RealCrowd increases our referrals by magnitudes. Investors on the platform aren’t fly-by-night. And they’re not looking to invest pennies. They stick around for the long term and are willing to invest considerably. But more than that, they become our advocates.

Cadence Asset Management
RealCrowd’s platform services are unique among other online syndication options. Their technology automates administrative tasks and allows us to interface with investors directly and efficiently. This helps us by closing the deal in contract while growing our pool of investors using far lower overhead.

Trion Properties

Recently closed offerings

Adam Hooper
Co-Founder & CEO of RealCrowd

The RealCrowd Marketplace is an excellent place for seasoned Commercial Real Estate Companies to get increased exposure for their deals while simultaneously building up their investor network.

How does it work?

Register & Apply
Once you complete the sponsor application form, it typically takes 2-3 business days for RealCrowd to review it.

After approval, RealCrowd will walk you through every step of the onboarding process from obtaining offering documents and materials to posting your deal.

Manage your investors and watch your network grow without having to leave your desk.

Close more deals in less time. RealCrowd does the heavy lifting so you can spend more time building relationships.

What Are the Sponsor Requirements?

RealCrowd is widely known to investors as the best Commercial Real Estate Marketplace Investing Platform because of the quality of our sponsors and their deals. This is largely in part due to our rigorous sponsor application process. We’re not going to tell you how to do your deal, but we are going to make sure that you’re qualified to utilize our platform. There are three levels of Sponsors on RealCrowd:

Rising Sponsor

5 Y


Established Sponsor

10 Y


Elite Sponsor

25 Y



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