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"No other online platform has produced the results for us that RealCrowd has. Other sites seem to merely facilitate online capital raising, while RealCrowd actively markets the opportunity to interested, qualified investors and allows for online processing of the paperwork."
Adam Fountain
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Don’t Let a Crowdfunding Company Tell You How to Run Your Business (Unless You’re a New Sponsor)
By this point, you’re well aware that the 2012 JOBS Act made a huge impact to the real estate industry, with growth projected at $300 billion by 2025.

Since then, more than a hundred crowdfunding companies have surfaced, laying claim to having the best platform for sponsors to raise equity/debt from investors.

But how do you know which crowdfunding platform is right for you?

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“RealCrowd has automated nearly every step of the process, giving us more time to work with client questions and needs. RealCrowd staff has been professional and responsive to any needs we or the clients may have in facilitating their transactions.”
Kent Anderson
RealSource Equities
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