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Sponsor Requirements

RealCrowd is widely known to investors as the best Commercial Real Estate Marketplace Investing Platform because of the quality of our sponsors and their deals. This is largely in part due to our rigorous sponsor application process. We’re not going to tell you how to do your deal, but we are going to make sure that you’re qualified to utilize our platform.
Will a Sponsor Be Approved if They Pass These Thresholds?
Sponsor categories define minimum thresholds required for approval but do not guarantee approval.  Other factors including historical investment performance, short sales, foreclosures, bankruptcies, lawsuits and judgements will all be considered as part of the Sponsor Approval process.
How Does RealCrowd Assess Transactional History?
RealCrowd considers the actual project costs incurred to acquire, improve and/or stabilize a property. Project costs typically include acquisition price, acquisition costs, capital expenditures, development hard and soft costs, interest carrying costs, tenant improvements and leasing commissions.
What is RealCrowd’s Definition of a Principal?
RealCrowd defines a Principal as a General Partner or Managing Member of the Sponsorship entity that has cash equity at risk in the ownership of the project and has an active role in the execution of the project business plan. In many cases, the Principal will sign on the debt and take on recourse.
How Does RealCrowd Measure Principal Experience?
RealCrowd evaluates the number of years an individual has spent executing investments in a Principal capacity.