With Unemployment Benefits Expiring Keep Your Eye On A Second Stimulus Package - RealCrowd Recap

July 6, 2021
With Unemployment Benefits Expiring Keep Your Eye On A Second Stimulus Package - RealCrowd Recap

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At RealCrowd, we understand that it is no small task for investors to answer this question. 

Wouldn't it be nice to automatically know which investments are uniquely fit for your risk tolerance and financial goals? What about whether you should invest with an LLC, a retirement account, or as an individual? And of course, there's taxes, wouldn't it be nice to know which investments will aide in maximizing your tax strategy? 

We thought so! And that's why we were excited earlier this week to announce the launch of ReAllocate, which has partnered with Mariner Wealth Advisors to help take the uncertainty out of real estate investing.

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CurrentPrior Week Change10 Year Treasury0.587%-0.036%DOW26,652.33-82.38S&P 5003,235.66+20.09Unemployment Rate11.1%--Total US COVID-19 Cases4,062k+450kTotal US COVID-19 Tests47,220k+4,720k*Metrics as of 11am EST on Friday, July 24

RealCrowd's Thoughts

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What's Happening Now
As you may have heard – and hopefully just read above – we’re excited to announce the launch of ReAllocate, our RIA platform where we can finally help investors answer the question of “Which property should I invest in?”
We’re also very excited about ReAllocate’s partnership with Mariner Wealth Advisors, a recognized leader in wealth management, to provide a 360° wealth management plan that addresses investment portfolios, estate planning and related tax optimization strategies.
Be sure to check out our announcement and schedule a call with us!
What To Watch
All eyes are on the Senate this week with another round of stimulus packages currently being ironed out. We’ve heard everything from a repeat of the prior stimulus check to individuals and families, an extension of the unemployment benefits but at a reduced amount and varying reports on amounts or inclusion of coronavirus testing and election funding.
There has definitely been concern around the expiration of the unemployment benefits and what that might do to the overall economy, and by extension, the real estate markets, if they were to end. It sounds like there will be a middle ground of reduced enhanced benefits that should continue to provide help to the still astronomical number of people that are without work.
We’ve seen a return to pre-COVID levels of investment activity on the marketplace, which is a great sign of returning investor confidence. As more sellers of real estate adjust to the new pricing dynamics, we anticipate a continued uptick in real estate transaction activity which will continue to see new investments coming into our marketplace.
Stay tuned for next week’s update, when we should hopefully know a bit more about the state of the stimulus package and have a few insights as to how it will impact our space. Stay safe out there and be sure to head over to ReAllocate to schedule a call!

-Adam Hooper, CEO

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