Why The Fed Is Saying Don't Expect A Rate Increase Anytime Soon - RealCrowd Recap

July 6, 2021
Why The Fed Is Saying Don't Expect A Rate Increase Anytime Soon - RealCrowd Recap

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What's Happening Now
The big economic news this week was the announcement that the Fed plans to keep rates near zero for at least three years. Their position is firm on holding rates at historic lows until the economy returns to full employment and we see inflation running “moderately” above the 2% goal for “some time.” I’ll let somebody better at reading the tea leaves make a call as to when that will actually be, though some economists are already calling for a four to five year run at these near zero rates.

We also saw the weekly unemployment claims tick in around a seasonally adjusted 860,000 last week, the lowest we’ve seen since March, but still a staggering number. Employers have added back an estimated 11 million of the 22 million jobs lost in March and April, but the pace of recovery has seemed to slow from the earlier rebound. That ties into the report in our articles below showing that 52% of 18-29-year-olds are living with their parents right now.

And since it’s a new week, we should probably mention that Amazon is not only seeking to hire an additional 100,000 workers in its latest plans to continue world domination, but also that they’re opening 100 new distribution centers this month!  

What To Watch
It appears there may be new life in the stimulus world as legislators scramble to ink a deal that would provide much needed direct payments prior to the election. However, if you’ve been paying attention, I’ll defer to my comments above about reading those particular tea leaves.

Following up on our newsletter last week, it appears the NMHC rent tracker has come back in line with the prior months numbers, showing rent collections through September 13th holding at 86.2%, down 250bps from the same period in 2019, and well within the band we’ve seen tracking since the beginning of the crisis.

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-Adam Hooper, CEO

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