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What Is CCIM?

Marcia Cuenca
November 18, 2021
What Is CCIM?

A CCIM is a Certified Commercial Investment Member.

What does CCIM mean for passive investors?

A passive investor carrying the CCIM designation at the end of their name is someone that has displayed mastery of the entire transaction process whether it's buying, selling, leasing, or financing a property.

"When you see someone with a CCIM designation. What that means is that A, they care enough to separate themselves from the pack. More importantly, they know how to rip a deal apart."

-Tim Blair

What is the CCIM designation process?

Are you up for the challenge of getting your CCIM designation?

Below are the requirements:

  1. Education - 160 - 180 hours of classroom material
  2. Portfolio Requirements - Must meet minimum number of qualified activities within the commercial real estate industry.
  3. Exam - 6 hour exam
"Only six percent of all commercial practitioners will actually get the CCIM designation. That's because it's hard. You got to put in a lot of time and effort. You got to want it."

-Tim Blair

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