What Happens When You Click 'Apply To Invest'

July 6, 2021
What Happens When You Click 'Apply To Invest'

What does Apply To Investment MeanClicking Apply to Invest on an offering page will initiate the checkout process. This where you'll enter your investment amount and basic contact information. Once you confirm the information provided you'll be taken to your RealCrowd portfolio and asked to complete the Four Steps below in-order to close the investment.*Does my confirmation of investment amount and basic contact information legally bind me to the investment?No - nothing binding will have occurred until you sign the documents for the investment. Think of Apply to Invest as your confirmation of interest in the opportunity, and a reservation of your place in line - provided you complete the four steps below.Four StepsCreate/Select Your Investment ProfileYou can create your investment profile anytime by going to your account.Certify AccreditationSign DocumentsFund

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