[Webinar] Mariner Wealth Advisors - 2020 Crystal Ball

July 6, 2021
[Webinar] Mariner Wealth Advisors - 2020 Crystal Ball

ReAllocate + Mariner

Recently, our sister company, ReAllocate, formed a partnership with Mariner Wealth Advisors to help investors get advice on real estate investments.

If you’d like to learn more about how ReAllocate + Mariner Wealth Advisors can help you with real estate investing click here.

If you're like a lot of investors, you're wondering where the equities market is headed and how the coming election will impact the economy.

We were fortunate enough to have Jeff Krumpelman of Mariner Wealth Advisors join us for a special live webinar to discuss his outlook during these seemingly uncertain times.

On This Webinar Jeff Discussed:

- Where the equities market is headed
- Election risk and how various election outcomes will impact the overall market
- What happens to the public markets if taxes increase
- Where both the near-term and long-term opportunity can be found

About Jeff Krumpelman

As chief investment strategist, Jeff serves as a member of the investment committee and leads Mariner Wealth Advisors’ equity team. In this capacity, he contributes to decisions impacting strategies and tactical allocation of portfolios at the asset class level and also has the responsibility of driving research, portfolio construction and security selection for large– and mid–cap equity strategies focused on U.S. Stocks.

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