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The Top 10 Themes Shaping 
Real Estate In 2022

Marcia Cuenca
February 8, 2022
The Top 10 Themes Shaping 
Real Estate In 2022

Byron Carlock Jr. who leads PwC’s U.S. Real Estate Practice took us through PwC’s latest Emerging Trends in the Real Estate Report.

Flexibility is something that's going to be built into our schedules, our work-life balances for some time.”

-Byron Carlock, Jr.

Here are the top 10 trends impacting real estate today.

1. Remote Work Will Be Here For Awhile

There is a convenience, ease, and flexibility that comes with remote work and it is here to stay. But will office visits be a thing of the past? Not quite. The office is transforming to a place for employees to collaborate and then head home to get work done.

2. Office Work Can Be Done Anywhere

The pandemic accelerated the work-from-anywhere trend. We quickly found out that we can be just as effective, and in some cases more productive working from home.

3. Live Anywhere With Remote Work

With people no longer anchored to an office, they can now live anywhere. This has accelerated the migration trend from cities to suburbs.

4. Comeback Of The Housing Crisis

The housing affordability crisis is one of the top trends in the report.

Here are the top 4 issues:

  1. Home prices are rising faster than wages.
  2. Lack of funding for down payment.
  3. Rising home values have priced out many prospective home buyers.
  4. For sale and rental housing in secondary and tertiary markets rising due to the outmigration of people from pricier gateway markets.

5. Modifying Cities

The real estate industry needs to rethink city infrastructure to benefit the people by creating inclusive and safer neighborhoods.

6. Let’s Take Climate Action Now

The property sector is responsible for up to 40% of energy use and carbon emissions and must respond with sturdy regulations to the growing climate crisis.

7. Proptech: Impact On The Real Estate Industry

Technology has impacted how firms operate and how people invest in real estate today.

8. Pandemic Revealed Different Outlooks

The pandemic has affected each of us individually. It forced us to adapt and embrace this “new normal” of behavioral and workforce changes.

9. Real Estate Investing Is Becoming More Accessible

As real estate investing is becoming more accessible, it has earned a permanent spot on the allocation wheel.

10. The Unknown Impacts On Real Estate 

The pandemic created uncertainty in various property markets. From changes to how we use housing space, our work patterns, and shifts in consumer spending.

People think we're in the real estate business, as real estate practitioners we're in the community betterment business. I see our industry rising to that task of being in the community betterment business.”

-Byron Carlock, Jr.

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