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SEC Approves New “Reg A+” Rules for Crowdfunding

Tyler Stewart
August 25, 2021
SEC Approves New “Reg A+” Rules for Crowdfunding

Last week the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission approved new rules that implement Title IV of the JOBS Act.

The crowdfunding community has been waiting with anticipation for these rules because of the potential to raise capital from non-accredited investors (as well as accredited investors) more efficiently and more easily across state lines.

In commercial real estate, virtually all of the crowdfunding capital raised to date has been from accredited investors, reflecting new laws since 2012 that allow issuers to market investment offerings directly to accredited investors through platforms such as RealCrowd.

With this new SEC guidance paving the way for companies (including real estate operators) to raise capital from non-accredited investors, millions more people will be able to participate in crowdfunded real estate investments.

We’ll have more to say soon on the SEC’s new Reg A+ and its implications. In the meantime, you can read more on the SEC’s website about the new SEC regulations implementing Title IV of the JOBS Act.

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