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RealCrowd's Team Culture: Work Hard, Be Open, Stay Balanced

Adam Hooper
August 25, 2021
RealCrowd's Team Culture: Work Hard, Be Open, Stay Balanced

Most posts on this blog are devoted to discussing commercial real estate investing, clarifying the RealCrowd platform, and addressing the common concerns of operators and investors. But today, I'm going to give market matters a break, and instead give a little insight into RealCrowd itself—the way we operate as a team, what our values are, and how it all comes together to keep us creating, innovating and improving our services.

Our entire operation is meant to further a single cause: to provide operators and investors with the most efficient, valuable and innovative commercial real estate investing platform around. This means, above all, we work ourselves hard. We're a small, tight team devoted to our product, and exceeding the expectations of the investors and operators in the RealCrowd network. Our internal mantra: GSD (Get $#!* Done). You hear it a lot around the office. It gets hashtagged to the end of our emails. It's a reminder to keep going. Be committed. Stay on point. The better we GSD, the more our members Do More Deals.

As a lean, nimble team we’re able to work closely and fluidly. While by no means are we unstructured—each of us has his or her own area of expertise, responsibilities and title—collaboration trumps rank and structure. Our working processes are transparent. Everything is open to input, criticism and suggestions from all involved. Initiative is prized, forthrightness encouraged, and creativity promoted. We want the best ideas and the best execution, regardless of who’s behind it.But working hard and openly doesn’t entail sacrificing quality of life. We prioritize the health and well being of our employees. Long hours are worthless and hard work is useless if you're not working smart, if you're malnourished, physically stagnant, sleep deprived, or haven't seen your family or friends for days on end.

Our team members are CrossFit enthusiasts, paleo diet die hards, and smoothie connoisseurs. We keep the very health-conscious Erika Conley on deck to implement nutritious, delicious meal plans and keep us well fed and our engines fueled. And at the end of a hard, focused week, we treat ourselves to the RealCrowd tradition of in-house, home barbecued, Smoked Meat Fridays. (And sometimes, we allow ourselves a craft beer or two.) It’s a weekly event that we always look forward to, and if any investors or operators find themselves in the Palo Alto area, you have have an open invitation to join us.Hard work, close collaboration, healthy living, balance between time at the office and time away —this all adds up to a well rounded, efficient and lively team. And, at the end of the day, it ensures we keep on providing, improving and growing the best commercial real estate investing platform around.

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