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RealCrowd’s Online Real Estate Investors and Operators Gather Offline for NYC Private Event

Tyler Stewart
August 25, 2021
RealCrowd’s Online Real Estate Investors and Operators Gather Offline for NYC Private Event

RealCrowd team members hit NYC in full force this week, attending one of the real estate industry’s biggest annual events, the Urban Land Institute’s ULI Fall Meeting.

The attendance is always huge (7,000+), the speakers among the top leaders in real estate, and the proceedings full of valuable insights. And our team came away knowing more how to keep on building the most efficient, valuable real estate investing platform in the industry.

But the real highlight for us was RealCrowd’s Private Event. We invited investors and operators to join us for an evening in the club room of Midtown Manhattan’s MiMa Tower. Just shy of fifty of you turned out, making the night a resounding success.

RealCrowd member investors and operators solidified existing relationships, built some new ones, put names to faces, and exchanged ideas. Drinks were had, appetizers consumed, and opportunities created.

The evening showed that RealCrowd might be an online platform, but the relationships and connections we help build are very real. And when we can get our team and network members into the same room, it makes for a productive and enjoyable night.

To all of you who attended, thank you for joining us a few hours of face-to-face time with everyone in your RealCrowd investment network.

To those who didn’t, this won’t be the last of these private events. All investors and operators on our platform can look forward to invitations in the future.

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