Online Sales Skyrocket While In-Store Sales Drop - RealCrowd Recap

July 6, 2021
Online Sales Skyrocket While In-Store Sales Drop - RealCrowd Recap

Adam's Corner

What's Happening Now
One of the most consistent themes we’ve explored over 2020 is the impact that the current health crisis has had as an accelerant of trends that were already afoot long before we were thinking of mask mandates, social distancing and co-morbidities. We discussed much of this in our podcast episode with Byron Carlock of PwC (please listen here, it’s honestly one of my favorite episodes we’ve put out in the last 4 years).

While we were away from the office last week tucking into our second (fine, maybe third) serving of turkey and stuffing, a few more illustrations of this came into light. First up, Black Friday in store sales tanked, coming in down a reported 52% over 2019 numbers. While this was to be expected, we weren’t sure where the numbers would end up, but that’s what I would consider a shellacking. On the other end, reports are coming in that online sales on that same Black Friday were up more than 21%, proving the case that online sales still have plenty of room to grow as a percentage of brick and mortar sales.

While we’re still waiting on the tabulations from Cyber Monday sales, Adobe Analytics is reporting $10.84 billion in Cyber Monday sales, up from 2019’s $9.4 billion, but at the lower end of forecasts. Online sales racked up a total of nearly $30 billion from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday and are forecast to top $189 billion through Christmas, an impressive 33% year over year increase.

An unexpected, but pretty hilarious, conundrum has emerged as a result, however. There’s nowhere to put all the boxes! With shipping volume expected to rise a similar 30% through the season, facilities are feeling the cardboard crunch as we wrestle with what the heck to do with so. many. boxes.

Over half of young adults are now living with their parents. Jobs aren’t as plentiful as they’ve been historically (there’s an understatement), people are getting married and starting families later, and housing is becoming less and less affordable. Commercial leases are becoming more creative and flexible in structures with evidence pointing towards shorter leases becoming the norm.

Let us know what you’re seeing out there that’s accelerating through this crisis. Have any interesting data points to share? We’re all ears and would love to discuss them here!

What To Watch
We left off our last newsletter with some hopeful news about the COVID-19 vaccines that appear to be just on the horizon. As has been known from the beginning of the pandemic, until we get a handle on the health side of this crisis, we’re far from out of the woods. With numbers skyrocketing all around the country, vaccines can’t come soon enough.

The New York Times put together a tool to help you figure out where you might be in line once the vaccines begin distribution: Find Your Place in the Vaccine Line.

Keep an eye out for a new podcast series with our friends at Mariner Wealth Advisors, soon to be hitting the airwaves where we’re exploring wealth planning topics for every stage of life. We’re kicking off the series with Brian Leitner, Head of Wealth Management where we dug into the basics of estate planning.

As the year comes to an end, please take some time to reach out to those who have maybe slipped too far out of your recent call list. A little connection here and there can make all the difference in the world to some right now. I know I love hearing from our readers of this newsletter and listeners of our podcast, so keep that love flowing as well!

Stay safe out there, wear a mask, wash those hands and have a great holiday season.

- Adam Hooper, CEO

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