Learn Real Estate Terminology

September 6, 2022
Learn Real Estate Terminology


Targets are determined by the real estate sponsor’s financial analysis and are not a guarantee of performance. The target returns listed on the offering page are investor-level returns. To gain a better understanding of the risks involved, please consult your advisors.

Internal Rate of Return (IRR)

The target annualized effective compounded return rate. Includes both the cashflow during the hold of the asset and the appreciation from the sale of the property.

Equity Multiple

The total amount of capital returned divided by the total equity invested. For example: $200,000 total return / $100,000 invested = 2.0 Equity Multiple.

Hold Period

The target hold period for the investment opportunity. Ultimately, the real estate sponsor has discretion on when the right time to exit the investment is and it should be the investor’s view that they are in the investment for the duration of the hold period.

Year 1 Cash on Cash

The targeted amount of distributions made to investors in Year One divided by the initial investment amount.

Stabilized Cash on Cash

The targeted amount of distributions you may receive when the property reaches stabilization. A stabilized property is one where major rehabilitations have been completed, and both the occupancy rate and rent rate are near the targeted overall market rate.

First Distribution

The target date for when you will receive your first cash distribution from the investment.

Distribution Frequency

How often the sponsor is targeting to make distributions to the investor. Distribution Frequency is typically on either a monthly or quarterly basis and determined by the real estate sponsor.

Additional Terms

Minimum Investment

This is the minimum commitment amount that the sponsor will accept.


Percentage of the total equity invested in the project coming from the real estate sponsor.

Asset Profile

The risk-reward profile of the investment. Risk profiles are split into four categories (Core, Core Plus, Value Add, Opportunistic). To learn more about these risk profiles check out the Beginner’s Guide To Real Estate Investing.

Preferred Return

The percentage return that will go to investors (may or may not include the Sponsor) prior to the sponsor receiving a carried interest or promote. Also known as ‘pref’. See offering documents and PPM for additional details.

Investor Profit Share

The profit split that will go to the investor after the preferred return is achieved. Certain structures will have a return to the Sponsor prior to investor receiving their profit share. For more information be sure to review the Financials Tab.


The percentage of the purchase price of the asset being funded by the loan balance at the close of escrow.


The percentage of the total loan proceeds to the total project costs.

Current Occupancy

The percentage of rentable units/square footage currently occupied by tenants.



A sponsor may be prevented from displaying certain metrics on the front facing deal cards. To view the metrics for these opportunities, head to the documents tab and download the PPM.


Not reported.


Not applicable.

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