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How You Can Accept Investors Into Your Deals Online

Brandon Banks
August 24, 2021
How You Can Accept Investors Into Your Deals Online

How You Can Accept Investors Into Your Deals Online

With your offering page up and running, investors can now review your opportunity and decide to invest with you.

Once they select the method of their investment—whether it’s personal funds, an IRA, or family trust—you are notified and provided with their contact information.

From this point on, the relationship is yours to own.

Feel free to follow existing procedure as you see fit. Most sponsors reach out via email to thank investors for their commitment. You can also offer a call or meeting to answer any additional questions they may have.

 RealCrowd provides everything you need to move forward with building long-term relationships with investors. Some crowdfunding companies hold back investor information such as commitment value and contact info but with RealCrowd, you can access a CSV file that contains contact information for all your investors.

 This file can be easily imported to your existing CRM software for further relations management.

Investor Accreditation

Up until now, you have launched your offering page and started accepting commitments from investors. Moving forward, you will realize the benefits of online syndication as RealCrowd automates many tasks for you.

 To start, we make verification of accredited investors much easier. As you know, when it comes to 506(c) offerings, sponsors must take reasonable steps to verify certain documents submitted by investors. RealCrowd can help you accomplish this task in the following ways:

Collect Investor Documents

We’ll take care of collecting required documents from investors and send this information directly to our third party partner who has attorneys on staff to review all documents and approve the investor status.

This review can often be turned around the same day but it depends on the responsiveness of the investor to produce the necessary documents. When there are delays, our marketplace technology sends automatic notifications to investors which expedites the process tremendously.

Review Verification Letter and Approve Investor

Once the licensed attorney has collected and reviewed all required documentation to verify an investor’s accreditation status, he will Issue a signed letter for your review. When this happens, you are automatically notified via email.

After you review the letter, you can approve the investor. This is as simple as a click of a button on our site through your personal portal. Throughout this process, our support staff is available for any questions you may have.

Document Execution

Once you have approved the investors accreditation, we will distribute the documents to them to review and sign. Our team will format all of your offering documents for easy integration of electronic signatures.

E-Sign and Store Documents

This is another time saver for sponsors. The signing process is really quite simple. Once the documents have been executed by investors, you will be notified automatically to counter-sign via email.

Documents can be safely stored and shared easily through our website. You can also download copies at any time for your records.

Accept Funds into Your Account

 Since you have already supplied us with wiring Instructions for each of the investments during the onboarding phase, funds can be wired directly to the account of your choosing.

 RealCrowd never takes possession of any funds nor are we legally allowed to do so. We operate under the direct model which means we are not a brokerage, nor do we create a special purpose entity to raise funds ourselves.

 Another piece of information we collected from you was the deadline for wiring funds. We make this date known to investors via the offering page and prior to the wiring deadline, we send investors reminders and instructions via email.

Download Investor Contacts for Your Own CRM

 At any point, you can download a CSV file containing the contact information for all of your new investors. Use this information for your future reporting and distribution or import it into any accounting or investor relationship management software you may use.

 We are working everyday to optimize the online syndication process for sponsors. Even when you are done raising funds, you can still use our platform to communicate with your investors for any reporting or distribution matters.

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