How To Use Your SD-IRA

July 6, 2021
How To Use Your SD-IRA

Want to use your Self-Directed IRA to invest on RealCrowd?

Here's how:

  1. Head to My Account
  2. Click Create New Profile
  3. Select Individual (Natural Person) or Individual With Spouse under Type of Ownership
  4. Check the box: I would like to use an SD-IRA
  5. Fill in the requested information in your Custodial Account section


Can investors on RealCrowd use their SD-IRA to make real estate investments?
Generally yes, but always a great idea to double-check with the real estate sponsor you are investing with to make sure they are able to take on SD-IRA investors.

You can locate the sponsor's contact information by clicking the Sponsor tab on their offering page.

Can I use any SD-IRA Custodian of my choice?
Yes, so long as your custodian allows for private real estate investing. To see a list of available SD-IRA custodians click here.

What are the advantages of SD-IRA Investing?
Click here to listen to our interview with SD-IRA Attorney, Mat Sorensen, where he describes some of the benefits of SD-IRA investing.

Have any additional questions?
Please let us know if you have any additional questions on SD-IRA investing by sending a note to:

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