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6 Things to Expect Using RealCrowd’s Platform

Adam Hooper
August 25, 2021
6 Things to Expect Using RealCrowd’s Platform

If you’re considering joining RealCrowd, or starting out and still learning the ropes, this rundown of 6 things to expect when using the RealCrowd platform will help get you up to speed.

#1: Expect… Diverse selection of operators

RealCrowd provides a vast network of quality real estate companies (operators) that meet and exceed our minimum experience and portfolio volume thresholds - 10 years of principal level experience and a minimum of $50 million in assets under management. In fact, the average operator on our platform has 56 years of experience and $690 million of assets under management. Along with extensive information on the investment opportunities themselves, you’ll find the information to know about the operators sponsoring those deals to make informed investment choices.

#2: Expect… Access to multiple investment strategies

You’ll also have multiple investment strategies from which to choose. RealCrowd’s platform provides Core-Plus and Value Add opportunities, but you’ll also find Opportunistic deals and even Funds. This means that no matter what your horizon or risk tolerance, you’ll have access to offers that fit your portfolio needs. (You can read up on the full range of investment strategies operators employ.)

#3: Expect… Direct interaction with operators through the platform

When you invest in opportunities using the RealCrowd platform, you’re dealing directly with operators. RealCrowd doesn’t form intermediary LLC’s, we do not act as a fund manager or any other kind of middleman. We give you access to excellent operators, the deals they bring to the table, the tools to facilitate communications, and then we get out of the way. No fees charged by RealCrowd to the investor and direct access...the way it should be.This means investors participate directly in the ownership of the asset with the operator, not through RealCrowd. Likewise, investors communicate directly with operators, receiving documents and updates regarding their investments using online tools.

#4: Expect… Verification of accreditation

All investors using the RealCrowd platform undergo a process to verify that they’re accredited.That means completing a few straightforward steps that can be as simple as providing a letter (or e-letter) from a licensed attorney or a certified public accountant stating that they have taken “reasonable steps” to establish accreditation. (Check out the details on the reasoning behind our accreditation process.)Going through these steps allows us to maintain quality investor base which, in turn, provides us better access to industry leading real estate operators.

#5: Expect... Not to get sold to

We’re not in the business of sales, so you’ll never get an investment pitch from us. RealCrowd offers you investment choices and access to the tools and information empowering you to make those choices. Full stop.

#6: Expect… To have a choice and a voice

The RealCrowd platform isn’t in the business of complicating your investments, taking a cut, pitching offers, or getting in the way. But that doesn’t mean that we’re not listening or interested in helping you through the investment process in any way that we can.RealCrowd gives you choices and the tools to navigate them, but if you have questions, concerns, or comments at any step of the way, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re ready to address them. Just drop us a line.

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