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Rewards of Using RealCrowd

Our platform is an extension of your traditionally offline capital raising process - we give you the tools to leverage our technology to manage your syndication from start to finish.

SaaS – Syndication as a Service

Secure cloud-based solution for real estate fundraising and investor management. We enable sponsors to spend less time and money on administration and more time acquiring and optimizing properties.

Reduce your transaction timeline

Leverage our platform to reach out to thousands of investors in the time it took you to reach out to one. Let our technology handle the details: marketing, signatures, documents and record keeping.

Efficiently manage investors

End-to-end automation of all aspects of investor management. No more Excel. No more missed deadlines. Our platform will be your real-time communication engine for the term of the investment.

Grow your investor network

Broadcast your deal to our network of accredited investors, or let your existing investors invite their friends and family. Give new investors the information and power to make the decision.

Management Features

We provide sponsors with access to key details about offerings and its investors to keep organized and up-to-date on leads and progress.

Track Your Listings

See a snapshot of every raise on a single screen. Know instantly which offerings are doing well and which ones need your attention.

Dashboard Access

You can enable every person on your deal-team to access the dashboard, providing a higher level of collaboration and responsiveness to accredited investors.

Track Investors

Be proactive, not reactive to investor demand for your offering, allowing you to focus your fundraise and raise more equity more efficiently.

See Investor Details

Save time and see accreditation and contact details for every investor with a click of a button.

About RealCrowd

We are a passionate group of trusted real estate experts combined with the best talent found only in the Silicon Valley.

$5 billion

combined real estate transactions.

3 decades

combined real estate experience.

$700 million

worth of deals done in 12 months with our technology.

4 decades

combined experience building secure scalable software.

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RealCrowd is a platform that allows you to grow your investor network, therefore the deals are structured as a Rule 506(c) offering. Investors will go directly into the entity that you as the sponsor/issuer have created. RealCrowd does not slow down your transaction process nor adjust your economics by negotiating operating agreements with you.
No. RealCrowd is a technology platform that effectively allows you to grow your investor network as much or as little as you want. We manage the process, directly reducing the human resources allocated towards investor management. Our Investor Management Solution allows investors to login to their secure portal, view documents and see real-time updates to the asset. No more calls, no more excel sheets, no more missed deadlines for quarterly updates.
The real estate sponsor sets the terms of the offering, including the promote structure, fees and minimums. Think of our platform as an extension of your traditionally offline capital raising process - we give you the tools to leverage our technology to manage your syndication from start to finish.
To qualify to use the RealCrowd Platform, a sponsor must have owned or managed $50MM of commercial real estate and had 10 years of ownership experience. A full application process along with review and disclosure of track record is required.
RealCrowd charges a flat fee to access our investor network and utilize our Transaction Management Solution. There is a monthly fee for our ongoing Investor Management Solution. Please call us to discuss: 1-800-286-1602.

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