172 William Street

East Orange, NJ

  • Target Annual Cash 8-15%
  • Target IRR 15%
  • Target Equity Multiple 1.5x
  • Asset Profile Core Plus
  • Min. Investment $50K
  • Estimated Hold 1-3Y

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One Wall Partners LLC Newark, NJ

Multi-Family Property

About this Property

The building has a completely renovated common area and a newly renovated apartment about to be leased. The property has historically been 94-100% occupied and generates an approximate 59% NOI margin at 95% economic occupancy. One Wall Partners expects to achieve consistent rent increases while maintaining high occupancy. They plan to continue managing the property intensively in an effort to maintain at least 95% occupancy with minimum 3% annual rent increases. The local rent control ordinance allows 4% increases on occupied units and 5% or higher increases on vacancies depending on renovations. Over time, there is additional potential upside from higher occupancy of the parking lot.

Through hands-on asset management One Wall Partners will seek to limit operating cost increases to 2.5% annually. They will also continue to pursue selective renovations and improvements to optimize potential rent. Although underwriting assumes only 3% rent increases, this is conservative compared to what they have achieved at similar buildings to date where they have generated 4-6% annual increases. The operating cost structure has been stabilized during their ownership to date and they continue to seek out new savings opportunities. Thus far, One Wall Partners made boiler repairs and added a control to generate heat savings. They also realized significant insurance savings from a master policy spread across their portfolio.

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Key Points

  • One Wall Partners has invested over $30,000 of capex in the property to date with a further $30,000 set aside during the investment period to be put primarily towards unit renovations.
  • Stabilized property that has been under their ownership and management for almost 2 years; eliminating acquisition risk
  • 10-20%+ current rent upside on units that have not yet turned over
  • Equity being recapitalized at a discount to appraised value and replacement cost
  • High occupancy, stable, affordable, rental driven market with significant development and population growth underway
  • Attractive building with newly renovated common area and renovated apartments generating significant premium to prior rents
  • Total preferred return of 15% payable with conservative underwriting


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Offering Financial

Location Details

East Orange, NJ

The property is well located in a residential area of East Orange with a walk score of 73. It is

  • At the corner of William/Vernon Terrace, providing immediate access to I-280 and the Garden State Parkway
  • Within 6-7 Blocks (~10-12 minute walk) to East Orange train station (NJ Transit), 3-4 blocks to shopping and retail
  • Within blocks of multiple NJ Transit bus stops
  • 1 mile from East Orange General Hospital
  • 1/2 mile to civic center/downtown
  • Within two miles of several local schools
  • 3-7 miles to Newark (i.e. Penn Station, NJPAC, Prudential Center, Red Bull Arena, Ironbound, University Hospital, NJ Institute of Technology, Rutgers)
  • Within 10-15 miles of Newark Airport, Port of Newark and New York Container Terminal

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Offering Agreement Documents

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about this offering.

The Sponsor owns 100% of the entity at present; this a recapitalization not an acquisition. The property was purchased in February of 2016 for $1,550,000. Since then, approximately $30,000 of capex has been invested and the NOI has increased by more than 20%. The Sponsor presently owns 100% of the equity and is offering equity at an asset valuation of $2,312,500 which is an 11% discount to lender’s appraised value of $2,600,000.

The funding deadline for this opportunity is July 11th, 2018.

The first projected distribution is scheduled for September 2018.

Distributions are scheduled to go out on a quarterly basis.

Yes, non-US residents are welcome to apply. Please contact the sponsor for more details.

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