MG Capital Fund IV: A Debt-Free Offering

Manhattan, NY

  • Target Annual Cash 8-10%
  • Target IRR 20%
  • Target Equity Multiple 2.6x
  • Asset Profile Core Plus
  • Minimum Investment $50K
  • Estimated Hold 6Y
MG Capital New York, NY

Multi-Family Fund

About this Fund

MG Capital is pleased to announce that its newest offering is now open to accredited investors worldwide, for investments between $100k-$25mm. Investments below $100k are welcomed and approved on a case-by-case basis. The Fund follows the same debt-free strategy as MG Capital's three prior Funds and has a 60-month investment term (anticipated exit in 2023).
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Key Points

  • Own a percentage interest in hundreds of income-producing Class A residential properties across Manhattan, each secured with fair-market, MG-AAA rated corporate tenants and non-cancelable, multi-year leases with annual rent escalations
  • Mitigate risk of investment loss through our Capital Protection Provision (please refer to the Capital Protection Provision Memo for further details)
  • Stabilize your portfolio with returns that are uncorrelated to broader markets and interest rate movements
  • Reinvest annual rental income distributions derived from hundreds of low-risk, MG-AAA rated corporate tenants
  • Earn a targeted 20% gross annual IRR and one of the highest investor profit sharing rates in the industry


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Offering Financial

Location Details

Manhattan, NY

MG Capital exclusively invests in Class A residential luxury properties across Manhattan. The firm's debt-free portfolio consists of hundreds of individual properties, diversified across 100+ premier buildings and 15 prime Manhattan neighborhoods. MG Capital has consistently achieved 100% occupancy, as each property is contractually secured with fair-market, MG-AAA rated corporate tenants.
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Offering Agreement Documents

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about this offering.

The General Partner agrees that if, as of the completion of the winding up of the Partnership, the sum of the cumulative distributions of Rental Proceeds made to the Investor plus the cumulative distributions of Portfolio Investment Distributions made to the Investor is less than the aggregate amount of the Investor’s Net Capital Contributions that were used to make Portfolio Investments then the General Partner shall be obligated to promptly pay to the Investor, directly or indirectly via payment to the Partnership and then from the Partnership to the Investor, an amount equal to the Investor’s Net Invested Capital Shortfall.

We invite you to watch our Consistent & Transparent Portfolio Management video which highlights the stringent processes employed to ensure our investors’ capital has complete fiduciary oversight at every stage of execution.

Yes, investors can invest in the Fund through their retirements accounts. MG Capital collaborates with multiple custodians to facilitate investments from self-directed IRA’s.

Yes, US and non-US residents are welcome to apply. Please contact the sponsor for more details.

Net proceeds from rental income, if any, will be distributed annually to investors. The initial annual dividend distribution for Fund IV is currently anticipated to occur in 2018, once the Fund has recorded a full year of performance since its inception.

The Fund is scheduled to report its first year of performance in 2018 and is expected to be exited in full through a syndication to institutional investors in 2023.

MG Capital’s team commitment will be equal to at least 2% of each investor’s capital commitment. As a result, the team commitment grows each time an investor makes a new allocation. To date, MG Capital’s aggregate team commitment to prior fund offerings totaled approximately $22 million.

MG Capital’s investors can fund their investment and receive distributions exclusively via electronic wire. This requirement is driven by tighter anti-money laundering (AML) laws and regulations that have been implemented in recent years by the US and most other financial jurisdictions worldwide in recent years. As a result, the discontinuation of checks as transfer method has become a broadly adopted industry practice for globally operating custody banks, fund administration platforms and private equity fund managers.

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