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Houston, TX

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* All information is reported by ApexOne Investment Partners as of 6/12/2017.

About this Fund

The ApexOne Growth & Income Fund II, LP (Fund) acquired its first asset in June 2016 and the portfolio has grown to six as of March 31, 2017. The Fund will continue to assemble a strategically diversified portfolio of 15-20 Student Housing and Class A & B multifamily assets in markets with population (enrollment), employment, and rent growth. Individual property values will be improved through light renovations, new management, and select capital upgrades. Investors earn an 8% preferred return plus the return of all their contributed capital prior to the Sponsor sharing in the Fund profits. Distributions are paid monthly from available cash flow and began in June of 2016. Upon full return of each Investors contributed capital and payment of the preferred return, Investors and the Sponsor share profits 80/20 above 8%, and 70/30 above 12%, until the Fund is fully liquidated.

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Key Points

  • The Fund II holds six assets and has been distributing cash flow monthly to investors since June 2016
  • Seasoned Fund Manager and Sponsor with 130+ years of multifamily experience
  • All available cash flow is distributed monthly to Investors
  • Investors earn an 8% preferred return and will be returned all of their contributed capital prior to the Sponsor sharing in any Fund profits
  • Deep relationships provide consistent pipeline of both on-market and off-market opportunities
  • Each asset acquired will provide immediate cash flow to the partnership
  • Conservative underwriting assumptions
  • Mortgage debt limited to no more than 75% LTV


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Location Details


Multiple Metro Areas primarily in the South, Southwest and Southeast and/or at larger growing universities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about this offering.

Distributions for Fund II began in June of 2016. The first distribution for new investors will be provided approximately 45 days from the end of the month the contribution breaks escrow. Escrow is broken for new investors at the beginning of each calendar month. Ex: you invest on April 20th, the money for April breaks escrow and goes into the Fund on May 1st and you receive the May distribution on approximately July 10th and each month thereafter.

Distributions are scheduled to go out on a monthly basis.

Yes, non-US residents are welcome to apply.

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