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MLG's Tim Wallen gives the rundown on tax advantages in real estate investing.

Learn about four real estate investment strategies and how they affect your risk and returns.

An introduction to the benefits of commercial real estate investing.

The real estate system is the key driver of how our cities are built. And it is what ultimately determines returns to investors.

Find out how real estate is a perfect addition to your self-directed retirement plan.

Why every investment decision should start with risk analysis.

Explore the benefits of direct commercial real estate ownership over Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

Learn how asset allocation effects your returns and why real estate plays an important role in a balanced portfolio.

CRE provides above average returns, ability to appreciate and long-term benefits that many believe far outweigh stocks, bonds and other investment types.

See how yield is one of the biggest benefits of commercial real estate investing over stocks.

Absorption...capitalization rate...net operating income...what does it all mean?

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