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“The fact that I can read all the PPMs and listen to excellent podcasts has been fantastic for educating me in this space. Thank you for the time you spend reaching out to the investors.”
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What Makes RealCrowd Different?
Education, Transparency, and Efficiency.
1. Education
RealCrowd hosts one of the most successful real estate investing podcasts and has been in the Top 100 financial podcasts on iTunes. Our episodes are the foundation for RealCrowd University, an industry leading email-based education program for our subscribers to provide a foundational layer of knowledge for those interested in investing in commercial real estate. Our podcast episodes are even being used at multiple Universities in the US as required listening for coursework. This underscores our emphasis on helping our investors become better investors and understand how to look at the asset class and goes beyond just providing a marketplace to access the deals.
2. Transparency
Our approach to diligence has always been on finding the best in class managers, running a deep process on them and then providing our platform for them to change how they are able to raise capital. Our approval process starts with a standardized application form to gather all relevant information about the operating company, its principals and general information about the company. We ask for disclosures on any litigations, bankruptcies, foreclosures, losses on past investments, their due diligence process for acquisitions, typical investment structure, their coinvestment amounts, whether they typically have net skin in the game after their fees etc. In addition we require a comprehensive track record of their current and prior owned assets.

Once we have gathered all of the relevant information, we will perform our own background checks on all principals, operating companies, both of their current sponsorship entity and past, using Thomson Reuters CLEAR among other sources both proprietary and public. Background checks will uncover prior litigations, foreclosures, short sales, bankruptcies, known associations with any individuals on global sanctions lists etc. From there we will cross reference with any of the items disclosed in the initial application where material differences are grounds for immediate rejection. We check for 12 specific areas within the report and will research and verify any discrepancies.
3. Efficiency
All of the information that an investor requires is made available on our offering pages, including financials, summaries of why the Sponsor likes the deal, all of the pertinent information to understand the background of the Sponsor, their operations and track record of historical performance, their offering documents including their subscription agreement, PPM and financials, our Sponsor Due Diligence tab and report including any supplemental information and a messaging platform for the investor to request information directly from the Sponsor.
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"For someone working as a hired gun for acquisition and asset management teams in the CRE space, there is no podcast that is more exciting. Keep it up!"
Paul C.
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