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“The fact that I can read all the PPMs and listen to excellent podcasts has been fantastic for educating me in this space. Thank you for the time you spend reaching out to the investors.”
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Learn what is currently happening in the real estate market both nationally and regionally from expert economists.
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Dear Accredited Investor,

I know how tough it is to find useful information about the commercial real estate industry online.

Even today, 5 years after the SEC opened the doors to deal flow, the industry still keeps its best secrets locked away.

Your net worth makes you an ideal candidate for commercial real estate investing. And yet, despite the incredible amount of crowdfunding companies out there, no one is focused on the fundamentals of real estate investing. 

Until now. 

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"For someone working as a hired gun for acquisition and asset management teams in the CRE space, there is no podcast that is more exciting. Keep it up!"
Paul C.
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