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North Carolina and Virginia Self Storage Opportunities

Self-Storage value add opportunities in North Carolina and Virginia

Join Brent Wright, Jr. of 5050 Storage Partners on a live webinar to learn about two separate self-storage investment opportunities located in North Carolina and Virginia.

Thursday, August 11, 2022
10:00 am

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About North Carolina and Virginia Self Storage Opportunities

Experienced Sponsor: Currently owns and manages 3,000 units in an 80-mile radius, Purchase price is below replacement cost, Property has a history of high occupancy, Mismanaged asset, rental rates are below market by 30%+. Airpark and Econo Storage is located in Danville, VA. In a 100-mile radius 5050 Storage Partners currently owns and manages over 1,700 units. This 3 property portfolio is an excellent bolt-on to the existing portfolio.

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Fund type

Mount Airy, NC / Danville, VA



Minimum Investment


TARGET Preferred Return
20.02% / 19.59%
Target IRR

2.3x / 2.25x

Target Equity Multiple

Webinar Speakers

This opportunity is offered by 5050 STORAGE PARTNERS


type of deals

Charlotte, NC



years in business




total exited aum


total realized IRR

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