Kent Anderson
Client Advisor at RealSource
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Q. How has your experience been using RealCrowd?

We enjoy using RealCrowd. Much of the client investment process has been automated allowing us to reduce our minimum investment significantly, giving us more time to spend with clients answering their questions. The RealCrowd staff has been professional and responsive to any needs we or the clients may have in facilitating their transactions.

Q. Why did you choose to use RealCrowd?

Long-term client relationships are very important toRealSource. We know our clients are more confident with their investments when they are involved in all major property decisions which is an important feature of RealSource’s client service. This becomes easier for our clients as they invest multiple times. RealSource therefore needs to maintain an ongoing relationship with each client and be able to present new offerings as they become available. Our agreement with RealCrowd allows us to do this by owning the client relationship.

Q. Does syndicating online take a long time raise capital?

Most of the time, RealCrowd’s syndication process shortens the timeline, though this will depend on client familiarity and interest in the market. Clients that have already invested with RealSource and are familiar with our target markets usually commit early in the process. New clients may take a little longer.

Q. Has this process changed your view of online syndication?

It took some time getting used to the change, but we have appreciated having a source for new clients that are often sophisticated and able to partner on multiple offerings. It has required us to adapt our asset management process to accommodate a much longer list of owners with each offering we syndicate online.

Q. What has been the most exciting part about using RealCrowd?

The clients that we have received are becoming some of our best clients and a referral source for new clients.

Q. How has RealCrowd helped manage your syndication process?

RealCrowd has automated nearly every step of the process, giving us more time to work with client questions and needs.

About RealSource

RealSource is a real estate firm located in Salt Lake City, Utah, specializing in value-added multifamily investments nationwide. The core executive team has over 50 years of commercial real estate experience and has owned/managed over $840MM in assets.

Deal Highlights

Creekside on the Green Apartments

Dallas, TX

A value-add / value-recognition 296 unit class B multi-family community built in 1983 in Dallas, Texas.

42 Days

Greensboro Multifamily Portfolio

Greensboro, NC

A 448 unit portfolio comprised of two value-add opportunities, the Park at Oak Ridge Aparments and the Park at Midtown Apartments

2 Months

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