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Midloch's Experience Raising Capital On RealCrowd

Q. Why did you start to look at raising capital online?

We use apps such as TD Ameritrade, Robinhood, or various stock trading apps, but real estate always lagged behind the broader market. And we definitely see as a group that fundraising and investor relations is moving to the cloud.

Midloch and our affiliated companies really do believe that we need to be at the forefront of where the investors are going and where they are going to be for the foreseeable future.

We actually had an investor who came at our recent deal in St. Anthony. Who's been a  Midloch investor for the longterm, who actually came through the RealCrowd platform because he likes the cloud experience of investing online into real estate.

And so we believe that that's where the market's going. It definitely has a firm position in our fundraising toolbox. In terms of meeting new investors, we think it will help grow our brand value because we think we're good at what we do and we want investors that maybe are located in Portland ,Austin, Texas, or, Fort Lauderdale to see what we're doing here based in the Midwest.

Q. What have been Your keys for providing investors with a great experience?

Just like real estate, it's all about location, location, location, we believe that it comes down to two different phrases post fundraising through RealCrowd:

1. Execution, Execution, Execution

2. Communication, Communication, Communication

We really strive to give our investors a court-side seat to what's occurring at our deals. We want them to feel like they're connected to the deal. While the internet brings us closer together and RealCrowd as a platform has done that we believe that it's our responsibility, post investing to bring investors even closer to the opportunity they're in.

Q. Do you have any tips for Sponsors looking at listing their first deal online?

I would tell sponsors that are considering it to make sure it's the right first deal, and then make sure you can handle that scale as you grow as your own operator. But I think that you will be very happy that you brought your business online.

About Midloch Investment Partners

Midloch Investment Partners is focused on providing investors access to quality small and middle-market real estate investments with value-add returns. The principal team seeks to create a portfolio diversified by both geographical location and asset class through national relationships, as well as experience investing in multifamily, industrial, office, and commercial assets.

Midloch's principal team has a combined 44 years of diverse real estate experience in acquisitions, development, and lending, which provides investors and joint venture partners a unique viewpoint of every real estate transaction.

Deal Highlights

Villa Medici Apartments & Townhomes

Overland Park, KS

This property was a Class B multifamily asset nestled among well-maintained single-family homes.

2 Months

Saint Anthony Industrial

Minneapolis, MN

Saint Anthony Industrial was a 153,928 SF last-mile industrial property located just north of downtown Minneapolis, MN.

18 Days

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