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Jonathan Rolwing
VP of Acquisition & Development at Broder & Sachse Real Estate
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Broder & Sachse's Experience Raising Capital With RealCrowd

Q. What led you to look into raising equity online?

The size of our real estate deals, keep getting a little bigger, a little bigger, and a little bigger, and outstripping what our normal capacity is. With the intention to broaden our syndication reach, we looked into raising money online.

I reviewed eight or ten crowdfunding platforms and the real reason we went with RealCrowd is that once the investors invest with us, they become our relationship, and that was critically important to us because the investors are the lifeblood of everything we do.

Q. What did it feel like to list your first deal online and to start to see investors invest?

It was nice seeing when investors would commit, go through the qualification process, and then sign their documents and have that done in real-time, without me interacting with every single one of them. That was extremely efficient.

RealCrowd took a lot of work out of our system and, quite frankly, what we learned from RealCrowd's, professional platform is where they took the work out of the system. We perfected a little bit of our own system based on what you guys do.

Q. What surprised you the most with your online raise?

How many investors there are.

We got a higher hit rate on commits as a percentage of the total views than we get from our own pool of investors. Going from a known group to an unknown group, our hit rate was a little higher with the unknown group so that was positive with RealCrowd.

About Broder & Sachse Real Estate

Headquartered in the city of Detroit, Broder & Sachse Real Estate focuses on acquiring and developing multifamily, retail, boutique office, and mixed-use projects in urban and suburban markets. The firm also manages its diverse portfolio, offering its residents and tenants access to an exceptional ecosystem of amenities and opportunities.

Founded in 1993, Broder & Sachse Real Estate began as an asset/property management and development firm, offering comprehensive real estate services for its portfolio of properties and for third-party clients. Prior to shifting its focus to solely acquisitions and development, Broder & Sachse Real Estate managed over 15,000 multifamily apartments and more than 8 million square feet of commercial space throughout the United States.

Deal Highlights

Bowie Commons Shopping Center

Fairview, TN

A well-occupied, grocery-anchored shopping center in a suburb of Nashville that is expected to see new housing growth.

$350k Raised
20 Days
9 Investors

Publix Enterprise at Park Place

Enterprise, AL

A high-performing grocery-anchored retail investment opportunity that will provide consistent cash flow and have significant protection against downside risk."

$281k Raised
1 Month
7 Investors

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