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Broadmark's Experience Raising Capital On RealCrowd

Q. How was your experience using RealCrowd?

Excellent. Our two real estate lending funds were well received by RealCrowd’s investor base, and we raised $23.7MM from investors who we otherwise would not have met. In turn, these investors referred us to their friends who also chose to invest. RealCrowd significantly widened our circle of supporters.

Q. Why did you choose to use RealCrowd?

We looked at a few “crowdfunding” sites that promised exposure to accredited investors. RealCrowd stood out among many because of their straight-forward approach. They charge a flat fee, not a percentage of funds raised, and were happy to provide references before we decided to commit.

Q. How has RealCrowd changed your view of online syndication?

No other online platform has produced the results for us that RealCrowd has. Other sites seem to merely facilitate offline capital raising, while RealCrowd actively mar-kets the opportunity to interested, qualified investors and allows for online process-ing of the paperwork. It’s a winning proposition for all parties involved. Issuers are able to expand their investor base, and investors are introduced to investment opportunities in which they are actually interested.

Q. Why is this method of investing good for investors?

Online syndication is a great method of investing for many of the same reasons it is good for companies like Broadmark Capital. This brings investment opportunities that one would not have otherwise known about, and at a very low, or no, cost to those investors.

About Broadmark Capital

Established in 1987, Broadmark Capital is a merchant bank providing direct investment opportunities for accredited investors, and financing and management services to emerging companies.

Deal Highlights

Pacific Northwest Lending Fund

Pacific Northwest

An unleveraged, no-load, evergreen fund that writes short-term, first position loans secured by real estate in the Pacific Northwest.


Broadmark Real Estate Lending Fund II

Mountain West

An unleveraged, no-load, evergreen fund that writes short-term, first position loans secured by real estate in the Mountain West.


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