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Jim Hearn
Founder and Executive Managing Director at ApexOne Investment Partners
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ApexOne's Experience Raising Capital With RealCrowd

Q. How has your experience been using RealCrowd?

ApexOne had pretty low expectations for our initial offering on a crowdfunding platform, but we were very successful with RealCrowd and exceeded our expectations by 5x. I would highly recommend RealCrowd – it was a very good experience from top to bottom.

Q. How has your experience been working with the accredited investors you’ve gotten through RealCrowd?

The accredited investors on RealCrowd were a pleasure to work with, were well informed and asked the questions we like to hear from potential investors. The investors that were attracted to our offering were successful business people who simply didn’t have access or the time to search out real estate opportunities on their own. We must be doing something attractive to investors because in the short period RealCrowd marketed our product, a significant number of investors came back to invest for a second time.

Q. How has RealCrowd changed your view of marketplace investing and the accredited investors using the platform?

Crowdfunding is still in its early stages and many sponsors, like ApexOne, are just realizing the capacity of the industry. RealCrowd’s platform made access to their investors efficient and their guidance made the process work.

Q. Why did you choose to use RealCrowd?

It was our first time with crowdfunding, so admittedly we had no frame of reference, but we chose RealCrowd because their platform and interface was easy to navigate with reasonable fees and easy processing.

Q. Does it take a long time to raise capital through a marketplace investing approach?

The key to raising funds is having your materials prepared and accurate. Setting your minimum for the market is an important element in the first raise.

Q. What has been the most unexpected part about working with RealCrowd?

The ease of reaching potential investors and the processing of the subscription was even more efficient and easythan expected. There are many more people using the crowd than we initially imagined and RealCrowd made theprocess very simple.

About ApexOne Investment Partners

ApexOne Investment Partners, LLC is a dedicated real estate investment firm with a specialty in workforce, conventional multifamily and student housing properties. Directly or with a series of institutional and private equity joint venture partners, the firm has purchased 35 properties totaling $800M nationwide since 2011. ApexOne was selected as one of the first two investment firms to participate in Freddie Mac’s “Green Up” program that encourages and rewards environmentally responsible ownership. ApexOne was also recognized by Real Capital Analytics as one of the top 20 investors in Student Housing. ApexOne is headquartered in Houston with additional offices in Chicago, West Palm Beach and Phoenix.

Deal Highlights

ApexOne Growth & Income Fund II


The Fund will assemble a strategically diversified portfolio of 15-20 Student Housing and Class A & B multifamily assets in markets with population (enrollment), employment, and rent growth.

$5.6MM Raised
7 Months
61 Investors

ApexOne Multifamily Fund III


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$2.759MM Raised
6 Months
24 Investors

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