An in-depth look at office and industrial properties with Danny Mulcahy of Northstar Commercial Partners on The RealCrowd Podcast – The Fundamentals of Commercial Real Estate Investing. Danny Mulcahy serves as the Director of Equity for Northstar. In this capacity, he is responsible for leading all equity offerings, investor relations, and helping to guide the […]

RealCrowd is an entirely free service for investors. We don’t charge fees for joining up, accessing opportunities, or making investments. Other online real estate investment platforms structure themselves as intermediary LLCs or as funds. It’s indirect ownership in an asset, and the middleman takes a substantial cut. Management costs are subtracted from investor returns as […]

When investors and operators first encounter the RealCrowd platform in the wild, often whatever preconceptions they have about online investing platforms don’t apply. For this reason, we take communication very seriously, and do whatever we can to educate potential investors and operators on the “who, what, how and why” of RealCrowd.

One of the greatest mantras in all of investment strategy is “diversify, diversify, diversify.” For good reason, too. We know from academic studies, history and personal insight that diversification is one, if not the primary driver, of any portfolio’s performance. It can mean, the difference, during good times, between mediocre and healthy returns, and during […]

For years articles like this one in Forbes magazine have been documenting how the rich have been getting richer. The recent improvement in the economy and the surge of the stock market have certainly been factors of the wealthy amassing more wealth of late, but the data suggests that this is a decades-old phenomenon. Here’s a look […]