Episode 2 of the Fundamentals of Commercial Real Estate Investing is now available on your favorite podcast listening platform. In this episode, RealCrowd Co-Founder & CEO, Adam Hooper, discusses the ins and outs of self directed IRA investing with leading expert, Mat Sorensen. Mat Sorensen is a partner at KKOS Lawyers in its Phoenix, AZ […]

Episode 1 of the Fundamentals of Commercial Real Estate Investing is now available. Listen as Pat Poling, Founder & CEO of Mara Poling, discusses the impact of the election on commercial real estate, the current multifamily climate and where multifamily is headed in 2017. Mara Poling is a total return real estate investment firm dedicated […]

The next post in our Guest Blog series is provided by Pat Poling, Principal of Mara Poling, and provides an overview of his thoughts on multifamily investment strategies and its benefits to investors. You can view their latest offering by clicking here.   The following are solely the opinions of Pat Poling and do not […]

This week we sat down with Chief Executive Officer of Avistone, LLC, Richard Kent, to find out why industrial assets are the focus of their investment strategy. Check out their latest offering for Avistone Presidents, LLC. The following are solely the opinions of Mr. Kent and do not constitute financial advice or counsel from RealCrowd. […]

We are pleased to feature some commentary from Rosey Miller, CEO of Regional Investments & Management, on the growing Central Texas housing markets as it relates to commercial real estate investing. Learn why San Antonio and Austin have been the focus of RIM’s investment strategy. You can view RIM’s latest investment opportunity in San Antonio […]