Broke with nothing but a duffel bag, Justin Palmer moved from Seattle to New York with one mission, to get into the real estate business. Justin didn’t know anybody in New York, nor did he have any real estate experience, but he had a plan: to not waste any opportunity he got and to outwork […]

Mike Madsen, of RealSource Equities, joined us to discuss current market fundamentals. Mike is a Client Services representative since 2005, has participated in workshops around the nation in the National Association of Real Estate Investors, as well as analyzing multi-family properties and doing market due diligence for RealSource.

Jim Berry, US Real Estate & Construction Leader at Deloitte, joined us to discuss how new technology will be disrupting real estate.

Pat Poling, Founder and CEO of Mara Poling, joined us to discuss how to Buy Right, how to Invest Right, and how how to Exit Right.

Mitch Roschelle, a regular on Fox Business and Bloomberg TV, joins us for Part 2 in his two part series to discuss how the new tax bill will impact commercial real estate. Mitch is a Partner at PwC, and currently serves as one of the firm’s Business Development Leaders. He was a founder of PwC’s […]