Jamie Woodwell of Mortgage Bankers Association joined us on the podcast to discuss the current state of the market in the lending world.

Jamie Woodwell discusses the current state of the market

Jamie Woodwell is Vice President in the Research and Economics group at the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), where he oversees MBA’s research and related activities covering the commercial and multifamily real estate markets.

Jamie and his work are regularly cited in the media, on Capitol Hill and in regulatory settings. He is a regular speaker at industry and corporate events; has appeared on CNBC, Bloomberg and in other popular and trade press; and testified before the Congressional Oversight Panel for TARP. Jamie initiated many of MBA’s research activities, and created MBA’s Peer Business Roundtables and the CREF Careers program.

Jamie Woodwell’s Links

Learn more about the research Jamie and his team over Mortgage Bankers Association do by heading to: mba.org/crefintel

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