Eric HohmannEpisode 7 of the Fundamentals of Commercial Real Estate Investing is now available on your favorite podcast listening platform. In this episode, RealCrowd Co-Founder & CEO, Adam Hooper, discusses what’s happening in brick and mortar retail with Eric Hohmann, President & Co-Founder of Bond Street Advisors.

Eric Hohmann, is a founder and Principal of Bond Street Advisors, and is also the former President of Madison Marquette, a private commercial real estate investment and services company.

Bond Street Advisors is a real estate investment management firm whose core objectives are to provide investors with reliable, monthly, tax advantaged cash flow. Bond Street owns more than 20 open air convenience retail centers in five southeastern US states.

In this episode, learn more about what changes are happening in the retail real estate world and learn how companies are positioning themselves to take advantage of the demographic and technology trends. Are we witnessing the end of retail as we know it? Or is this just another cyclical change? Find out more in this weeks episode.

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