Michael MadsenEpisode 5 of the Fundamentals of Commercial Real Estate Investing is now available on your favorite podcast listening platform. In this episode, RealCrowd Co-Founder & CEO, Adam Hooper, discusses the current economic climate and how it will impact real estate investing with Michael Madsen, Economics Director at RealSource.

In this episode listeners will learn about:
– The impact of rising interest ratesĀ 
– Market timing and execution
– Fundamentals that help to minimize risk and maximize reward
– Where the market is headedĀ 

Michael Madsen, a Client Services representative since 2005, has participated in workshops around the nation in the National Association of Real Estate Investors, as well as analyzing multi-family properties and doing market due diligence for RealSource.

RealSource was established in 1989 with the central focus of putting our investor clients in the right place, at the right time, to help insure their maximum profitability. Putting the investor in the right geographical location in the right economic conditions is the heart of location investing and what we call “Prime Time Investing.”

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