Michael EpiscopeEpisode 3 of the Fundamentals of Commercial Real Estate Investing is now available on your favorite podcast listening platform. In this episode, RealCrowd Co-Founder & CEO, Adam Hooper, discusses fees that investors will come across when investing in commercial real estate with Michael Episcope at Origin Investments.

In this episode listeners will learn about:
– Real estate fee terminology
– The quickest way to analyze the impact of fees
– Fee structures that provide incentive for sponsors to work for investors
– The market rate for various fees

Michael Episcope co-chairs the Investment Committee and oversees capital raising efforts and company operations at Origin Investments. He has been an active real estate investor for more than 15 years and has overseen the acquisition and disposition of more than $1 billion of commercial real estate. He cofounded Origin Investments in 2007 as a vehicle to invest his personal capital in private real estate. He has helped Origin become an industry leader through his 25 years of risk management and investment experience.

Before forming Origin, Michael spent 15 years trading interest rate derivatives. He had a prolific career and was twice named one of the top 100 traders in the world by Trader Monthly Magazine. In 2005, he retired from trading with the intention of focusing full-time on real estate investing.

Origin Investments is currently offering Origin Fund III to accredited investors on RealCrowd.

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