Happy Thanksgiving from RealCrowd!

Everyone on the RealCrowd team hopes you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving, spending it with family and friends, and taking a day out of the busy year to relax, enjoy and reflect on all the good things in life you’ve been blessed with.

Here at RealCrowd, we want to take a moment to express our own thanks for the things for which we’re grateful…

We’re thankful for our country. The United States prizes, supports and breeds innovation. The free market economy encourages competition and industry advancement. In a different time and place, it would be impossible to do what we do at RealCrowd.

We’re thankful for our industry. John Adams said, “Property is surely a right of mankind as real as liberty.” As an engine of economic prosperity, property is an investment vehicle that should be readily accessible. RealCrowd is working to make that happen, and without the know-how and interest of our industry, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

We’re thankful for our innovative times. Over the last decade, a new wave of entrepreneurship has taken hold, pushing our daily lives in new and improved directions. Without the vibrant national community of technologists, entrepreneurs and innovative thinkers, RealCrowd (a Y Combinator Company) wouldn’t be living and breathing the idea that old problems can be solved in new exciting ways.

We’re thankful for our investors. The investors on our network are among the sharpest, most capable, and sophisticated around. We’re grateful that they have chosen RealCrowd. Our network of investors is the lifeblood of RealCrowd’s success, so we strive everyday to bring them no-fee access to the nation’s most successful operators.

We’re thankful for our team. Every member of the RealCrowd team is a privilege to work beside. Every day we rely on their talent, experience, collaboration and drive to create a better platform for our investors. The team inspires mutual growth personally and professionally. Working hard is all the more fulfilling when you work alongside such amazing individuals.

Lastly… We’re hugely thankful for our supportive families. Long hours and frequent traveling are not unheard of at RealCrowd. Our incredible families provide us with the strength, understanding and love that makes such commitment possible. It seems strange to admit these days, but we’re a family-oriented kind of company at RealCrowd. We work hard, but the well-being of our family—nothing is more important.

Again, Happy Thanksgiving from RealCrowd!


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