In this six part series, we introduce investors to what they can expect from participating in RealCrowd’s online marketplace for commercial real estate investing.

RealCrowd provides investors access to an extensive, vetted network of best-in-class real estate companies. We require operators in our network to exceed a high bar of minimum thresholds – 10 years of principal-level experience and $50 million in assets under management.

Operators on our platform go beyond this, carrying an average of 57 years of cumulative  experience and $895 million of assets under management.

RealCrowd’s network attracts only the most successful and experienced in the industry, because the tools we provide excel at enhancing deal flow for those operators who have outgrown traditional or competing CRE platforms. We help the best operators accelerate their businesses even further.

Successful operators prize transparency and clear communication. They want their investors to know who they are, what they offer, and to understand the opportunities they bring to the table.

So along with extensive information on deals themselves, we provide documentation on the operators sponsoring those deals, allowing investors to make the most informed investment decisions possible. We also welcome our members to communicate with operators directly via phone or email to get questions answered firsthand.

Investors on RealCrowd’s platform can expect to develop relationships with the best CRE operators in the industry. But the best operators also bring the best deals, and in Part 2 of this series, we will show why investors can expect RealCrowd to provide them access to diverse, institutional-quality opportunities.

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