Guest post by Mark Mascia, President and CEO of Mascia Development, LLC

Investors are the lifeblood of Mascia Development. Growing, cultivating and maintaining an investor base as efficiently as possible is key to staying competitive in the commercial real estate industry.

Throughout Mascia’s nearly eight decades of combined commercial real estate experience, over $900 million in transactions and 86 in managed assets, RealCrowd’s online syndication platform has proven to be the best path to investor and transaction management and efficient network growth.

Traditionally, the amount of time and effort devoted to transaction management has been more than considerable—it’s been disportionate. Most of the day gets eaten up by such administrative tasks.

Discovering innovative ways to manage time and resources and meet investors more effectively is rare in an industry with most business procedures half a century old. An operator is lucky to find a way to shave off a minute here and gain a minute there. Slow, incremental progress is the norm.

By using RealCrowd, Mascia is able to not just save time but also increase returns to investors, since additional overhead is not necessary to manage the investment process.

Gaining Real Efficiency with RealCrowd’s Online Syndication Platform

RealCrowd has given us a way to leapfrog this problem of sluggish, moderate improvements to gains in efficiency, giving us back large swaths of time traditionally devoted to administration and investor network growth.

Its platform’s full-suite of online syndication tools enables Mascia to significantly reallocate time and resources. Low-level administrative tasks now take a back seat to those asset-focused activities—the real work of an operator: Improving deal flow and maximizing value.

RealCrowd’s accreditation, signature, document distribution processes are automated. Communication with investors is streamlined. Investors no longer have to call for a K-1, because RealCrowd’s tools make such information available automatically. Investors get updates, see progress on deals, and download quarterly reports without any operator intervention.

And while run-of-the-mill communications are handled by the platform behind the scenes, investors are welcomed to contact Mascia directly. This ensures that we still cultivate long-term, valuable, and personalized relationships with our investor base, and helps us to determine investor goals and interests, allowing us to drive our business in a direction that benefits all parties.

Greater Efficiency Allows for More Nimble Offerings

RealCrowd’s platform gives us maximum exposure to a sophisticated, active network of high net worth investors. Its tools empower us to manage, communicate and transact with minimal overhead. But the technology also allows us to offer our investors opportunities that wouldn’t be otherwise possible.

Often, higher minimums act as compensation for the amount of resources an operator allocates into each investor participating in an deal. RealCrowd substantially lowers time spent on each investor—without compromising the quality of those operator-investor relationships.

The upshot of these gains in efficiency is that Mascia is now able to extend offerings with lower minimums to RealCrowd’s growing base of sophisticated, accredited investors. Currently, Mascia is featuring a deal on RealCrowd with a $5K minimum investment. Offline, that minimum would have been infeasible.

We’re thrilled to be in contact with RealCrowd’s member investor network, improving the quality of the deals we offer, and increasing the efficiency of our business using the platform’s tools. It means we can do more deals and scale our business effectively.

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