RealCrowd serves its member investors not only as a marketplace for commercial real estate opportunities, but also as a resource for advancing their knowledge of investing in the CRE industry.

As well as aiming to be a portal for anyone entering the world of direct real estate investment for the first time, our platform is fortunate to have attracted many knowledgeable, high net worth investors who display an acumen and penchant for seeking the best opportunities.

But no matter what their relative skill level, we help our members in becoming as sophisticated and as capable as possible. Furthering their education is fundamental to RealCrowd’s approach to building a best-in-class CRE marketplace.

Here’s why…

#1 – Educated investors make better decisions

Everything hinges on this fact: The more investors understand their investments and opportunities, the more likely they are to make rational, sustainable and profitable choices. This has broader implications than many might assume.

More capable real estate investors not only make better decisions in the short term, they also secure themselves access to excellent opportunities in the future.

#2 – Better decisions now lead to greater opportunities later

Education is the backbone of building lifelong wealth. Financial well-being isn’t a matter of haphazardly pocketing immediate returns. It’s about setting appropriate, sustainable goals and developing a plan accordingly.

More sustainable returns lead to greater wealth down the road. So knowing the right allocations to make now, will give you the ability to reallocate on the basis of greater available capital down the road.

#3 – Educated investors attract the best operators

Successful operators don’t merely want invested capital, but to establish long-term relationships with investors. Financially strong, literate networks are essential for funding their carefully chosen opportunities.

Operators benefit from the sophistication of the investors with whom they transact. Investors who make informed investments with a given operator, are more likely reinvest their capital with that same operator in the future.

A healthy and active investor network aids an operator immensely. Deals fund more quickly and require less overhead, increasing the capacity and overall efficiency of an operator’s business.

The more you know, the better they perform.

#4 – Investor education improves deal flow

Operators with reliable, prosperous networks are able to devote more resources into identifying additional opportunities and maximizing the value of assets under their management.

For investors, this translates to more deals in the pipeline and higher potential returns on those already invested.

Furthering Your Education…

Because of how fundamental investment literacy is to the prosperity of both individual investors and to the real estate market at large, RealCrowd continually develops in-house educational materials.

These cover topics from the basics of real estate investing to more advanced investment strategies. We make our ebooks, blog posts, email courses and white papers available to both our member investors and the wider public.