Before I get started, a bit of a bio, first… I’m Tim Wallen, CEO of MLG Capital, a private equity firm specializing in investing in small- and mid-cap private real estate investments. We find attractive real estate investments for clients, while also structuring our deals in a tax advantageous way. Prior to joining MLG about […]

When you peruse the commercial real estate opportunities hosted on RealCrowd, you’ll notice that the offers all fall into one of four categories: Core, Core-Plus, Value Add, and Opportunistic. These four categories are strategies used by real estate operators to achieve returns from properties, but they’re also signals to investors about what to look for […]

When investors and operators first encounter the RealCrowd platform in the wild, often whatever preconceptions they have about online investing platforms don’t apply. For this reason, we take communication very seriously, and do whatever we can to educate potential investors and operators on the “who, what, how and why” of RealCrowd.