What if you could find a person with a significant amount of commercial real estate investment experience and a track record of success to show you step by step how to invest in real estate? Even better, what if one of the best real estate operators in the country said they would partner with you and invite you to invest in their commercial real estate investment assets? And if that experienced operator told you that instead of investing $1 million or $250,000, you could invest as little as $5,000 and participate in the income stream, appreciation, and other benefits of investing. Would you do it?


This is essentially what RealCrowd offers investors.


I am one of the founders of RealCrowd and have had the unique opportunity to work with some of the top real estate operators in the United States for nearly a decade. I’ve been trusted by institutional investors such as Morgan Stanley and Regency Centers, as well as private investors to help them achieve their investment goals. My co-founder, Adam, has similar experience and previously built a platform that transacted nationally in the sourcing and structuring of joint venture equity transactions. We know what to look for as we review real estate opportunities and the operators that will successfully execute the business plan of those properties.

Commercial Real Estate is simple once you take the time to learn about all of the aspects involved. However, many investors don’t have the time to learn everything it takes to identify, purchase and maintain quality real estate. This is why we take painstaking efforts to ensure you have the absolute best operators to partner with on our platform.  Every asset we offer has an experienced and knowledgeable operator that is ideally suited for the asset type and location. And although every property carries with it inherent risks, investors can have peace of mind that their investment is being handled by an operator working to achieve the expected returns, and minimize the potential for loss. At RealCrowd, we make it easy to participate in the benefits of commercial real estate investing.

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What is RealCrowd?

RealCrowd is an online platform where investors can purchase shares of commercial real estate assets. Partner with real estate experts and share in the returns. To invest in commercial real estate, please click here.

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