Real Estate Platform built for you

Our Story

In 2012, I was working on another real estate transaction for an institutional investor and by then had helped investors like them make hundreds of millions of dollars investing in real estate projects around the country. So when my friend who had $50,000 to invest in real estate asked me what he should do, I had to tell him that just wasn’t enough. At that moment I realized there had to be a better way.

Earlier that year, a massive piece of legislation - The JOBS Act - had been passed, paving the way for a revolutionary step in the capital markets. Normal investors would now have access to the same private investments that institutions, endowments and professional investors have enjoyed for decades.

The better way was right in front of us, we just had to go build it!

The Vision

RealCrowd is real estate built for you. Let us help you learn about the fundamentals of real estate investing via our industry leading podcast, or through our educational materials. Let us help you access direct real estate investments all across the country. If you’re a real estate manager, let us help you raise capital in the new digital age. If you’re a real estate advisor, let us help your clients invest in the right risk for them.

We meet you wherever you’re at on your real estate investing journey with the best tools in the business.

Our Guiding Principles

Real estate starts with risk
Better decisions through data
Technology drives efficiency

“To empower individuals by providing access to quality real estate investments in responsible and efficient ways”

Leadership Team

CEO, Co-founder
CTO, Co-founder
Director of Ops
Head of Success
VP of Real Estate